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Customly Arranged for You!


Home Organizing

Moving / Downsizing

Redesign / Accessorize


Arranged for Home

brings solutions to your

home organizing, moving, & styling needs.

Hiring a professional for any of these services is a worthy investment!  Think of this professional, one who encourages and coaches you through your project., much like you would a personal trainer.  We all could go to the gym independently, but we hire a trainer to keep us motivated, on track, reach goals, and have beautiful results.  You could tackle this project on your own, but Arranged for Home actually gets it done and with optimal results! Any of these services can be Arranged for you!



Beautifully Arranged!


She did a wonderful job with my mother when downsizing her home after 42 years.  She listened and helped Mom edit her things she wanted to bring to her new apartment.  Teresa made us all at ease with the whole process!

Angie H. 

I don't have the talent to decorate my mantle.  Teresa shopped for accessories and made the arrangement beautiful year round.  Then she taught me to switch out pieces to blend with the seasons.  Now it always looks fantastic!

Jennifer J.

Teresa did a beautiful job creating an interesting and decluttered family room to relax in.  Her talented way of arranging furniture and accessories while reflecting our personalities, always sparks fun conversations with guests!

Sue G.

I appreciate her approach of using items I already had and suggestions to consider in the future.  With a few changes my kitchen and pantry are now much more efficient!  She goes well beyond organizing and has a keen eye for design!

Tracy D.

After a brief Space Assessment, Teresa was able to offer suggestions for repositioning the wall decor I already owned and liked.  Those changes made a big difference!  She has an expert eye for balance and color.  I was quite pleased with her work!

Meg R.

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